Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Decorating old windows

I confess... I love old things!

Sometimes we have some old things that have been in the family for long time and sometimes we just buy them, simply because we just fall in love with them.  But the problem is ... sometimes we dont really know what to do with them. 

This just happened to me some months ago. I found some nice old windows frames that used to belong to my grand grandmother. The thing is... I didnt need more frames for my windows, so I couldnt give them the original use. So what I did was... use them as decoration. I created some kind of fake windows, just to give the sensation that there was something behind them.

I painted the old frame and then what I did after was give them an old look. Later on, I put some little nice curtains and here is the result.

If you have kids, wouldnt it be great to paint on the wall (behind the window frame)a nice landscape, perhaps with a little path that leads the kids to a "charming place"?. I would have liked to have something like this when I was a kid for sure!

You just need to use your imagination ;) 

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