Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dresser renovation

This little project consisted in the renovation of an old dresser that used to belong to my mom. In the after picture you can also noticed the mirror. This mirror used to belong to my grand grandmother too.

I will be loading more pictures of the after project as soon as possible :) 



Forgive me for not showing pictures of the process since I never expected to show this later on. 

But I will explain the process for the transformation. The dresser rails were made out of wood and as the dresser was a bit old, the rails were a little bit damaged and were not able to handle to much weight, so everytime we opened a drawer it was a big problem. So I decided to change the rails to modern runners which make easier to open the drawers. 

This is not a professional work, as this is something I am doing on my free time :) 

The furniture before used to have only a transparent varnish ( which in my opinion didn´t look that bad), but as the other furniture in my bedroom have the color that the dresser has now I used the same paint color on it to make it match with the rest. 

The varnish that I used was dark mahogamy (sherwin williams) and to fill the key holes I bought wood filler . The dark color of the varnish was also a big help to cover this marks, perhaps with a lighter color the parts were I used the filler would have been more obvious. 


  1. How did u fix the top drawers where there's wood missing? Also, what color stein did you use? It's beautiful!!!!

  2. Hi Leslie, the varnish that I used was dark mahogamy of sherwin williams. I am glad you like it :)