Monday, November 17, 2014

4 easy Christmas (IKEA) table decoration Ideas

Christmas is the time of the year when I want to decorate absolutely everything! Today I show you 3 easy ideas of how to decorate: a bank, a center table and the dinning table. I really enjoy to show in my blog how to create easy and simple but super cute and inexpensive decorations. 

A few Christmas elements add up to one dashing display.

You can notice that the elements that I have used are in most of the cases things that can be found in the nature, such as: pine cones, pine branches, hazelnuts, etc.

center table

dining table-Option N°1

bank (now a little corner table)

dining table-Option N°2

Candles are a MUST in Christmas, so in all my decorations I try to use candles.

Do not be afraid of mixing different elements for decoration as I said, just experiment and mix things. This decorations make a lovely holiday accent. 

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