Thursday, November 27, 2014

2 wreaths - 5 different decorations

If we want to change the decoration in our home, that does not mean that we have to buy new decorations every single time. A good suggestion that I can give you is to always buy "basic elements" that we can always use and simple add a few accessories to decorate them. 

I have in total 4 wreath, but all of them are made of a different material or have a different size. This are my main decoration objects. I think I reuse them like 3 or 4 times a year (Easter, Autumn, Christmas, etc)

Today I show you how I have decorated one wreath in 3 different ways.
WREATH N°1-Easter

WREATH N°1-Christmas 2013

WREATH N°1-Christmas 2012

Now I show you wreath N°2 and the two different Christmas decorations.

WREATH N°2-Christmas 2013

I love the kissing couple from Delft. Individually it cannot be considered as a Christmas decoration element, but together with the wreath... I found it lovely. 

Isn´t lovely to spend Christmas with that special person? ♥

WREATH N°2-Christmas 2014

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