Monday, June 17, 2013

Birthday Party Déco - DIY

Birthday parties and all kind of events are always a good excuse to put your imagination to work. You can really have an original party adding your own creativity to it. That way you can be 100% sure: NOBODY is going to have a party like yours.

What I will show you today are a couple of handcrafts and some other little things for a birthday party inspired in the "Smurfs". 

Luckily I found this smurf gummies at the supermarket. To serve them in an original and very simple way, I put them in a glass tray but in the center I put a glitter smurf sticker and then I put the gummies around it. There is not a big "science" on this, but just notice what a nice thing you can do with such a little detail.

I made some nice DIY napkin rings using some toilet paper rolls. Most of the times you throw away the toilet paper rolls, but there are so many other uses that you can give to them. (another example to apply the 3 R´s rules) 

Here you can see the nice napkin rings and a DIY Smurf hat made of cardboard and smurfs gift paper. 

Once again I prove you that you don´t need to spend a lot of money to be able to make something nice. 

Your kids will love it and it will give you satisfaction to have done everything yourself. 

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