Sunday, June 16, 2013

Birthday party DIY Décor

Birthday party DIY Décor

If you have a party at home and you are looking for ideas of how to decorate the tables, here I present you something really easy and very nice to do.

I am sure your guests will love it! I made it for the birthday party of a cousin and all the guests told me that the decoration looked very nice.

If you have enough time to do your own decoration, don´t hesitate to do it. Don´t be afraid if its your first time. Believe me: YOU CAN DO IT! 

Here I give you the supplies that I used:

* glass vases
* ribbons ( you pick the colors) 
* decorative butterflies
* lemons
* fresh flowers (and water)

If you have some questions, write me to:

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  1. We can use it for our dinner table, it'll brings some armony to your home! :)