Sunday, June 29, 2014

Entrance hall

Hello again :) . Today I will show you how I have transformed the entrance hall of an apartment. 

The entrance hall walls were completely white at the beginning. This small space serves always as the welcoming mat to every home. Therefore it is important that a person design this area to create a sense of expectancy in the guests. They should feel very welcomed and happy to come and visit often. 

The ideal would be, that the people who are living in a house, use this space to stamp their personality. I define myself as a fan of the " shabby chic" style", so I try to give this area a shabby chic style.

For the wall I picked a light pink. Given that the entrance hall is small I did not want to make it look even smaller and that is why I picked a light color. 

I went out for a walk and I found this nice tree on the floor. So I cut it to make it fit into the room. I think its amazing how the tree looks, since one would never expect to see a tree inside a house, right?

I found this sweet wood sign and thought it would be perfect for this space. I think spaces can´t be fully decorated all at once. With the time you go finding more and more nice things that help improve that area.


I bought a chinese white lamp and hanged it from the tree. At a moment I thought I have done decorating the small entrance, but then I thought it would be nice to put on some light. For this purpose I used a light string of 25 lights.


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