Monday, June 10, 2013

Balcony furniture made of wood pallets

Summer is finally coming and everybody is renovating their terrace. There is a huge variety of exterior furniture that we can find today.

I like wood furniture, but as you know, most of the times, wood furniture tend to be a little bit expensive. So if we are short of budget, that doesn´t mean that we cannot have some nice furniture in our little balcony to enjoy this nice and sunny weather with the family and friends. 

Have you ever heard about pallets??


Yeah!! The transport structure that supports goods. The ones we see outside the supermarkets and garden centers! Yeah!! those pallets. You can inform yourself a bit more in wikipedia ;)if you want. 

Well... how about having some nice garden furniture made of wood pallets??

You can´t imagine how easy and CHEAP is to have such a pallet furniture.

I built this the other day, this is just the first look. I will take some pictures of how the area looks not and I will load it next time. 

But here you see the result. After less than 15 minutes, the balcony went from being completely empty to this.

You cannot imagine all the things you can make with recycled pallets!

And as I have promised... here are more pictures of this project:

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