Friday, June 7, 2013

Reusing at the supermarket: Acting quick!

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Today I will present you an easy way to apply the 3 R´s at the supermarket... or anywhere else. 

3R´s??!!  What do you mean by 3 R´s you must be wondering. Well.. this are the 3 R´s

I´m sure you have been in my situation many times when you have gone to the supermarket.

You go to buy some groceries, but you forget to take with you your fabric supermarket bags. 

As you know, RECYCLING is important not only for the natural environment, but for us as well. By using plastic bags everytime we go to buy something, we are increasing the amount of waste. Why? well... if you are interesting to know why, I think this webpage can help you:

So here I show you an easy way to "ACT QUICK". If you buy cereal, you know most of the time it comes inside a box and inside the box comes a bag that contains the cereal. 

So...  we are buying many other things like vegetables, yogurt, fruits, etc. What should we do? In order not to use a plastic bag, I am not telling you to be carrying the other things separate. It will be difficult and if you have to carry them a while, some might gonna end falling on the floor.

So lets take the plastic cereal bag out and put all the rest of the things we are buying inside the box. At the end it will be easier to carry and we are REUSING.

I have done this many times! Believe me it gives you a big satisfaction to know that even with this small action, you are helping to REDUCE the plastic pollution. 

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