Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Costume made of a shirt and an old white fabric

The other day I got invited to a costume party. You must know that I never ever buy costumes, I always make them on my own. I think that way you can be 100% sure, that nobody else will be wearing the same costume than you. 

So I thought about a character of my childhood: "Raggedy Ann". For those who don´t know who Raggedy Ann is, it was a rag doll with red hair and a triangle nose :). 

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy

I think I even had a Raggedy Andy doll when I was a kid. Anyways... I looked everywhere for a white apron. The ones I found where so expensive! They were simple white aprons, nevertheless they cost too much. So then I went home and I started looking for some white fabric and I found an old fabric. It was already yellow. Luckily the part that was still in good state was enough for what I needed. 

I cut here and cut there until I finally had my white apron. Then in order to make it look a bit like the one of my inspiration, I start sewing until my Raggedy Ann apron was completely finished. 

The striped fabric that you see, is part of a shirt I bought (specially for this mission). It cost $3,00. 

It is good if you start doing this kind of things with a lot of time, because then you have enough time to look around until you find good bargains like this ;)

Here I show you the final result. 

If you have kids or you have been invited to a costume party, you can get a little help here :). Hope it will be useful. 

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