Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Decoration made of needle punch non-woven fabric

I think this sounds familiar to you isn´t? But if it doesn´t, then let me tell you that this is the fabric that you often use in your kitchen to clean. To be more specific, this fabric is called: needle punch non-woven fabric.

When I saw this fabric for the first time, I felt in love of the colors! Aren´t this soft colors sweet? I really really love them. I said immediately: I must buy looooooot of this! and the friend I was with said: why? do you have lot to clean at the kitchen?! haha :) she couldn´t see all the ideas I had in my head already. 

Well... as you know... I love to give other uses to things, so my brain start imagining all the things I could possible do with this. As soon as I arrived home I started working on them! Oh I couldn´t be more happy with the results! 

Look at one of them ;)

A nice welcome wreath. I think it look nice:) A bit rustic, but the soft colors of this fabric add it a nice touch. 

This is another idea for a wreath made of non-woven fabric. 

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