Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fun DIY trash can renovation

How about doing a little project for the kids? This time what we will do is make a simple trash can a FUN trash can to put in the room of your kids.

What we will need is:

* 1 trash can
* chalkboard paint ( I love chalkboard paint)
* chalk of different colors
* tape

Final Result: An arty trash can for the bedroom of your kids. Easy and fun :)

You can easily change the use from a trash can for a kids bedroom to a gift paper rolls storage. You can attach some nice little details to it. 


  1. Hi! The black part.. it's made of?

  2. To paint the black stripes I used black chalkboard paint (this if you want your trash can to be interactive in case you have kids), if not, then you can use normal black paint.