Thursday, June 20, 2013

Funny paint for the bathroom

Paints are not only to decorate living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms. You can also put some paints in the bathroom. But I know its difficult to find a perfect painting to put there. So... how about making your own painting... better, how about making a funny painting.

You know that this is the room of the house... that almost every of your visitors will visit ;)

This is a very simple project, super easy, super cheap.

We will need:

* 1 canvas 
and paint of your favorite color 

I took this picture from the internet, I printed it and then I drew it over the canvas. Once I have done it I painted the white part and then the rest with the other paint color.

This is the final result. A nice and a easy DIY-painting for your bathroom. Search in the internet, you will find many funny images that you can select and later use to do your own art to hang it in the bathroom.

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