Saturday, August 2, 2014

Balcony renovation

I showed already some months ago how I made some furniture for my balcony by using pallets. Since then I have been saving some money to improve the look of my tiny balcony! Here I show you some pictures.

          This is how my balcony used to look before. Actually since I do not have a storage room at my place and in winter there is no way I could sit and enjoy to lay and read something in the balcony... it was my storage space. 

Now is summer and I MUST take advantage of this little space. As you can see in the picture bellow... I don´t really have a nice view from the balcony, and all I see if I am there are the other buildings.                                      

So first I went to buy some plants... which will play an important role in my renovation project.

Next step was to buy some wood elements that I will use to create a wall in the balcony, in order to get a little bit more privacy in the space.

Then I bought wooden tiles in IKEA, you can get them for a very accessible price.    

Since the balcony does not have a rectangular shape, then it was a little complicated to fill all the space with the tiles. 

I took advantage of this and I thought about another material I could use to solve this problem and that will give also a nice touch to the space: small white stones.

I love the combination between wood and stones... without forgetting the nice touch that this flowers give. 

AFTER photo? well :) you will have to wait one day to see it! I am hosting a little party tonight to show my friends my new balcony. I will use that opportunity to take that after photo I know you will be waiting ;)

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