Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Welcome Stand with plant basket

This little project is very simple. It does not involve a lot of time and it does not contain a lot of elements. 

For a couple of weeks I found this plant basket. For my good luck it was on discount. I have been wanting something like this since long time ago. I think such things look nice at the front door, because it transmit a warm feeling to the visitors. 

Looked quite simple, but in my head I already had the image of how this plant basket was going to look at the end. 

The next day I went to buy a couple of plants. The main colors were pink and green. As I had all the elements needed for my little project, it did not take so long until I finished it.

This is how the plant basket looked after planting the flowers, cute but not complete. 


And this was the final result.

As the plants continue growing it will look much much better.

I hope you like what I publish on my blog. You can take all this as ideas to start creating your own self made gifts. The love put on making them is priceless! 

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